I have decided to share my hard work preparing my daughter for exams with other parents. After asking around, I have decided to no longer do this for free as I spend hours working on these summaries and my time is worth something.

Take note that I am not a teacher or professional tutor in any way, just a mother doing her best to help her children get through school.

Here are some examples of my summaries, which will all be in Afrikaans unless the subject is Language.

Example 1

Example 2

As I complete the summaries of a subject I will upload the protected pdf document for download. Passwords will only be sent once payment is received. Email me at for banking details or to be added to the distribution list.

The following subjects have been covered:

Gr 1 – published 03 May 2017

Gr 2 – to be published on 05 May 2017

Gr 3 – to be published on 09 May 2017

Gr 4 – to be published on 11 May 2017

Gr 5  – to be published on 15 May 2017


Please come back and comment on the study material, especially if you have any suggestions on making it better or if you don’t like something.


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