About Me


Welcome to the Stilettomum, my parenting and lifestyle blog filled with competitions, reviews, parenting struggles and too much information about me.

I am Charlotte the author of this little blog. I am 28 years old, married to a wonderful Husband and we have two wonderful little girls Amandalynn (9) & Lorelai (5). By day (half day that is) I am a personal assistant to Advocates at the Cape Town High Court which allows me a semi flexible schedule to attend events and also be the soccer mom I always wanted to be.  My afternoons are mostly spent driving between extramural activities, doing homework, cooking and sometimes cleaning.

I am not a professional writer but this blog is my little space to pretend that I am and that people actually read what I have to say.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that some days you can leave my little corner of the internet with a smile on your face and a little skip in your step.

I love hearing from you (my readers) and will answer any questions you might have for me. You can contact me via email at thestilettomum {at} gmail.com or via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin.

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