I just love being a parent to siblings… NOT!

Last night my kids were in bed an in dream land by 20:00. I really want to pat myself on the back and say “your such a good parent” but that is not the case.

They went to bed without a bath.

They went to bed without hugs and kisses.

They went to bed without getting their things ready for school the next day.

They went to be upset.

But I am okay with all of that!

Do you want to know why? Because shit got real in our house last night.

The evening started out as any other. Husband got home a little later than usual, but he walked in with Pizza so I didn’t have to cook. Lorelai who loves Netball practised her throwing and catching against the wall outside with her sister.

It felt like the perfect evening.

Husband and I sat chatting about work and everything was stress free. It was bliss.

The girls wanted to show daddy how good they are getting, he went outside and watched them play. Now Amandalynn was sitting a chair against the wall and Lorelai felt she was in the way. Husband asked her to move out of the way and came back inside.

Life was still bliss.


The bomb exploded! Amandalynn did a scream and came running inside.

Apparently Lorelai told her to move again and according to Amandalynn she did move a total of 2mm and Lorelai threw the ball in her face on purpose.

According to Lorelai she did not move and it was an accident because she wanted to throw the ball and her sister was in her way.

We did not know who to believe as there is always 3 sides to a story. In this case we know that Amandalynn loves to tease her sister, but Lorelai is also not allowed to take the law into her own hands.

What did my husband do?

He sent them both to bed. Without a bath or getting things ready for school the next day. They both cried and promised not to fight etc. but he just put his foot down and told them to be silent and go to sleep.

The evening was bliss.

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Have you ever done something like this? Is the sibling rivalry just as bad in your house or am I alone in this?


One thought on “I just love being a parent to siblings… NOT!

  1. Oh we’ve had similar things happen and my boys are younger than your girls. The fighting is the worst thing ever!!! (And now we’re still adding another one to the mix o_O) Good luck and I hope it gets better for all our sakes lol


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