Out of the mouth of babes


Last night was one of those night where the husband and I could not stop laughing at Lorelai. She was on a roll! Everything that came out of her mouth was hilarious and she wasn’t even trying.
I got me thinking about how when our kids are little we record everything they say and do and as they get older we get to busy to do this or we just forget.

The funniest thing that happened last night was this:

Walked into the bathroom while Lorelai is brushing her teeth…

Me: Why are you using your dads toothbrush?

Lorelai: (with no emotion on her face) Because I cant find yours.

And then she continued brushing!

We laughed for what felt like forever. Her dad was completely disgusted with the fact that she used his toothbrush, why? Because she has two of her own.

What things do your kids say or do that completely cracks you up.


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