The privilege of being a child of today…

Our children are privileged. The mostly live in nice, warm houses. We mostly drive decent cars and the only walking they do is in the park as an outing. They do not know about walking to and from school. They do not know about taking public transport or being home alone. They are growing up in a different world than the one I did.

Some mornings my mom would drop us off at school and others we had to walk, come rain or shine. This was primary school people. In the afternoons there was no chance of a lift home because my parents worked and we (my 3 years younger than I – brother and myself) had to walk home alone. Get home and there will be no one to great us or be ready with lunch, we had to see to all of that ourselves. We had to do homework alone and do our chores before mommy gets home.

Moving towards high school it was about  a 5 km walk to school and back, but I did it almost every day. I even had to start dinner some nights. But it wasn’t seen as weird or child neglect, it was just how life was.

The simple days.

Now my children do homework on the their own and then I check and help were is needed.

They do chores every day and they even pack their own school lunches.

But they are driven to and from school, they are fed lunch on demand and pretty much had an easy life.

Fast forward to yesterday… or should we say Monday.

We got back from our Dubai trip and because the husband drives company car – we only had my car. I live close to work so he took my car and I made my own way. Monday night he comes home to inform me that my car has a major water leak and we are unable to drive it. You can think of the many many not so kind words I had to say about the situation.

We stay about 12 min drive from our kids school. Heading towards school from our house is against the morning traffic – but heading back home is in peak traffic. Now for my mom to collect us she would have to leave at like 06:30 to get to us at 07:00 to get girls to school just in time. My mom was keen on doing this – but I said no and we will make our own way to her area and she can just pick us up at an easier location with less traffic.  So what did we do you ask…



My husband was against the idea and the kids didn’t want to. But you know what, they had no choice.

Amandalynn was fine with the idea – or at least she appeared to be, but Lorelai was being her father’s daughter.

Hannes walked with us to the place where the taxi’s stopped and watched myself and the girls get in – as the door closed he said: “Message me when you get to the station”.

Lorelai warmed up to the idea fairly quickly.

They dropped us off at the robot closes to the station and we walked the block to the station and then another block to my grans house.

On our walk, we met up with another little girl (grade 3) walking all alone. She told my girls how her mom takes the taxi with her every morning and she has to get out at the robot alone and walk to school alone. She was shocked that it was their first time taking a taxi.

My girls learnt and important lesson that morning. Life is generally not as easy as theirs – the lesson cost me R36 and a bit of walking. Lorelai is keen on doing it again, but Amandalynn does not love the walking.

Have you ever taken a taxi? Have your kids?


2 thoughts on “The privilege of being a child of today…

  1. Yes, we are spoilt! I have not taken a taxi yet! I must admit that I am afraid: of getting into the wrong taxi; getting mugged/raped; or not being dropped off at the right place! I also won’t let my daughter take a taxi!


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