Tweening sucks


So Amandalynn is officially a tween and it sucks balls.

I struggle to understand her and to communicate with her. The one minute she is fine, the next she is crying over nothing. That I can still sort of handle.

What I cannot handle is the attitude, the talking back and the speaking when you aren’t even included in the conversation.

She used to be my perfect child. The calm well behaved good girl that everyone loves and adores. I used to be praised about my good parenting skills every time she left the house. I was, scrap that am still proud of her, but at home she is driving me insane. She has an attitude about fucking everything and an answer for everything.

If you correct her she will talk back to you just to prove a point. She must always have the last say and she is never wrong. She even chips into adult conversations these days. I mean fuck that girl has balls now. I do not even allow other people’s children to interrupt adult conversations, I shut that shit down in front of the parent and if they have a problem we can no longer be friends because you forgot to teach your kid manners. Yes kids interrupt and ask unrelated questions or want food or whatever and that is fine, but when a child comments on an adult conversation, like I said I shut it down.  Any way back to Amandalynn…. She does that now, she comments and then I lose my shit. I did not raise her that way.

Amandalynn 6 years ago… still cute and loving…

Not really sure what the point of this post is, but I just wanted to say that my daughter becoming a tween does not agree with my style of parenting and the way that I have spent the last 10 years raising her.

I need to change the way I think and do, but it is a struggle but I am working on it.


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