Moving towards happiness

For the last couple of years I had a 30 things before 30 list and to be honest I did not do all 3o things. Important things on the list that I actually completed was taking my kids camping more than once, deciding on not having a third child, Be more involved at my children’s school, get married, find a new job closer to home, took a trip up table mountain, do a family road trip and vacation, get my driver’s licence, move into a bigger home, buy a new second hand car, got pets for our girls, had an awesome 30th birthday, I went for an Brazilian blow out and even gave up on wanting a boob job because I learnt to love my body.

So I did 14 of my 30 things… For me that is a huge success.

I have been playing around with doing a 40 things before 40 list and figured I am just setting myself up for failure, so instead of doing a list of things that I want to do before I turn 40, I have decided to rather live each day as it comes and do my best to be happy every day.

To look for the small things that can make me smile.

To spend quality not quantity time with my kids doing something that will be a lasting happy memory.

To not procrastinate so much with things that I need to do. … this blog…the education series…doing what makes me happy.

To tell my kids that I love them every day and make sure that they feel loved and supported every single day.

We are always looking for the next big thing that will make us happy, or at least until recently I was, until it finally hit home that the only thing/one that can make me truly happy is me.


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