Do you have a best friend?  That person who you can say anything to and they will listen and help even if they do not agree. That person that you can call at 2 in the morning and if needs be they will get out of bed and just be there for you.

I have the person.

Movies and story books say that, that person should be your husband, but in my case it is my bestie Tara. I would love for that person to be my husband but I know it will never be that way, because I do not want to lose what I have with Tara.

In a sense that is good for me, but not really for my relationship with my husband.

Not sense if I want to change it or not.

But I love my person, I love my friend, and I cannot imagine live without her. So much so that I told her if she dies before me I will have her decapitated, head embalmed and shrunk so it can hang in my kitchen and I can still chat to her every day.

Another useless not meaning post out of the way… It feels good just putting out there what I think and feel again.


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