Dont think hormones and moods are for the tween and teens only

Omg guys Amandalynn is officially a tween. We have full mood swings and I think the only thing stopping her for slamming doors is because she still luckily fears her mother if she tries that shit in this house. 

But this I can all deal with – not sayig it does not drive me crazy, but it is expected. Hormones are apart of growing up. The confusion of not being able to identitfy your feelings can make you crazy – help I still sometimes struggle with this, but it is what being a tween/teen is all about. 

What I cannot handle is the moods of my husband. (Like this post immediately if you understand what I plan on sharing right this second without reading another word.)

This is either going to be my best liked post ever or you all married normal men. 

I am use to mood swings and confusion, like I said I live with a tween and I suffer from depression and anxiety so believe me I get it. But the one person I did not expect this from is my husband. 

Some days he is just fine for the entire day and night and the next minute out of nowhere he flips his lid. Like batshit crazy flipping of lids over small things like for example tonight we were in the lounge watching series and as one finished I asked what are we watching next and he lost it. Freak about how I always give hime orders and he can never choose etc etc. Then he turned around and instantly passed out and started snoring. 

I was sitting there looking at him thinking wtf. I asked what we are watching next not giving orders not telling him what to do just asking a question. 

For fuck sakes a damn question. 

Some days I honestly feel I am medicated to deal with him and not to deal with my issues. In thes past I would flip my lid as well and we would spend days fighting not knowning why we started fighting in the first place and now (thanks to meds) I am able to remove myself from the situation and decide if this is actually worth it to fight back or just to let is pass and tomorrow or even later he will feel better. 

Saved my narriage being able to look at things before reacting. 

Now only if he could just follow the advise of the dr and maybe go back to his dr and deal with the underlying issues causing the hormones.

This post is a little random, crazy and not very well written but just something I need to get off my chest. 


2 thoughts on “Dont think hormones and moods are for the tween and teens only

  1. Oh my word Charlotte… Dit is soos om nog ‘n kind in die huis te he soos mans deesdae aangaan. Maar se nou net iets oor hulle dan word mens se kop afgebyt…

    Ek kan totally relate. Sterkte


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