Deciding to let things be…

Over Christmas we went camping with friends and started chatting about our girls starting grade 1 and some baby habbits we still have to deal with before then. 

One of those things were my youngest bedwetting.  Now she started potty training herself at 18months and by 2 she was off the day nappy. 

The last 5 years she has been on and off the night nappy and as of last week she is back on the night time pull up after 6 months of struggles and to be honest it was the best decision ever and reading this article tonight just cemented that decision for me.

Lorelai has always has a bladder problem, it was either and infection or laziness or whatever, we have tried everything to stop the bedwetting from no drinking after certain times, setting alarms to take her to the toilet at night, rewards, you name it we have done it. 

In the beginning of the year she got diagnosed with absentee epilepsy and one of the things we needed to take into consider was that while have a seizure her bladder might empty. We noticed that this only rarely happened during the day (3 accidents at school we know of) and she would have an accident either 1 night every two weeks or every night for two weeks. 

Now my options for solving this problem are as follows: 

*Take her to the urologist to have her checked out

*Seizure medications is the problem is not with the bladder

*Nappies at night – so save me from so much washing and her having to wake up wet. 

I made an appointment with the best urologist I could find, Dr Rabe at Panorama Medi Clinic, we were placed on a waiting list with the first appointment being beginning of Dec, but luckily we received a call in Oct to with a cancellation and we headed there right away. What impressed me most about the dr is the first thing he did when finding out he fixed my bladder 20 years ago (I was a chronic bedwetter until the 5th grade) was pull my scans to see if Lorelai had the same genetic flaw as I did. I mean what kind of dr keeps scans for so long – not on a computer but original slides. 

Anyway back to my kid…

Dr Rabe advised that Lorelai does in face have the same problem and would need a minor operation the following week which would solve the bedwetting immediately and if not he feels that seizures are the cause of the bedwetting. The operation went well and besides a little buring irretation for 2 days Lorelai hardly complained. 


We retried all the old tricks for the last two months and finally my mom caved and got her a pack of pullups and we have had a dry bed and nappy for the last 5 days. Not sure if it is mental or just the 2 week rule. 

Only time will tell.

So my point with this post is, whether the bedwetting is due to seizures or just a week bladder or her being my baby I do not care. She is comfortable wearing her pullup nappy every night as she wakes up dry and happy. And in the end my daughters happiness comes about anything else. 


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