Getting my ass into gear…

I have been up and down in the blogging world this last year and finally I am getting my shit in gear and getting back into blogging.

This should ideally be a currently post because so much happened over the last couple of months. I am not even really sure where to start so I will just spit somethings out at you…

  • Lets start with the doom an gloom… My psychiatrist has updated my diagnosis from anxiety to full blown depression. √
  • I colored my hair. √
  • I started my own business – new title work from home mother…
  • Hannes and I decided to have a third baby, then I started my own business so that is no longer happening.
  • Amandalynn has turned into a full blown tween.
  • Lorelai is being enrolled at an ad agency seeing that i am at home every day and she makes beautiful photos.
  • I am training drum majorettes again.
  • I am turning 30. √
  • We did a extended family photo shoot.

So in a nutshell that is my life right now… Full post on some of these to follow, if they have been ticked… full post on its way..


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