We are going to Grade 1 in 86 sleeps

On Saturday Lorelai got to meet her grade 1 teacher for next year.

She was so excited!


She kept talking about it for the entire day after. She is in the paddatjie (froggy) class and the teacher gave them a little counting the sleeps calendar with activities for them to do everyday.

Yesterdays activity was that she needs to call someone and tell them about meeting her teacher. She opted to call my aunt in Bloemfontein and sounded so very grown up speaking to her about it all.

I on the other hand am still struggling with the fact that my baby girl is growing up so damn fast.

The video below is her class walking out with the teacher after their names were called. The teacher is in front wearing the blue shirt and black jacket. You can see Lorelai coming around the corner at about 13sec into the video, she is also the happy little girl in the middle of the preview image.


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