The thing we have all been talking about…

… Car Seats.

Yes I am talking about the #CarseatFullstop campaign.


At first I figured this did not really apply to me. My kids are 6 and 10, they have booster seats and we mostly strap them in. I personally hate wearing a safety belt as I am short and it cuts into my neck and I believe that if I end up in an accident I will be decapitated.

Until I read this post from Cindy… like she said:

*slaps self across the face*

This does apply to me, this applies to all of us. Cindy shared the link to the  Volvo Children and Cars manual and I decided to spend a little time reading it. Guys it is 56 pages long and you can download it in pdf format so you can read it on pretty much anything.

I started by skipping everything and going straight to page 43 where they talk a bout booster seats as that is what applies to my children. Take the time, read the information. It is worth every second you spend on it.

When Mandy launched this campaign I wanted to join the bandwagon as it seemed like fun, but I knew I could not, not before I fix what is going on in my car. I do not always insist on the children wearing their seatbelts, but now things have changed in our home and that is all thanks so Mandy.

  • I do not start the car if they do not have their belts on. 
  • They do not remove said belt before we have stopped at our destination. 
  • I wear my belt at all times and they remind me when I don’t. 

Join the campaign, read the information, share everything you see on social media about the campaign. your share might just save a life. I know that this sounds oh so very corny, but imagine Ruth in Bloemfontein saw your share and decided she is now going to start strapping her kids in and ends up in an accident as she leaves the house. Ruth’s children are unharmed because she strapped them in correctly thanks to the post you shared. You saved a life.

You can read more about the campaign HERE also, please SIGN UP for the newsletter Like/Follow on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. 

I spent an hour on Facebook and Instagram looking or a photo of my kids in their car seat or just photos of my car seats and could not find any. So I opted for sharing this cute photo of me in Grade 1 instead…



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One thought on “The thing we have all been talking about…

  1. It is a life saving campaign. And I’m happy that I’ve always been anal about car seats and car safety that even my daughter who is not yet 3 would ask everyone in the car to put on their seat belt

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