Keeping them pearly whites in their mouth…

…let alone the problem of keeping them white and clean!

Yes people we are talking about TEETH. My children’s teeth to be more specific.

Teeth has been an ongoing struggle in our house. Daily it is a fight to get them to stadn still for long enough to brush their teeth or to get them to do it on their own.

Both my kids visit the dentist way too often. Amandalynn was on loads of medication when she was little so we figured it had something to do with that.

But after Lorelai had to go to the dentist again for a big ass hole in her tooth. The dentist informed me that some people just have genetically bad teeth – not bad so much as poorer quality teeth and even with all the brushing in the world it will not fix that problem.

No how often has your kids been to the dentist?

Lorelai is now 6 and I have lost count.

First we dealt with this little abscess that had us in the dentist chair a couple of times, healing, coming back, healing and coming back again.


Finally the tooth needed to be pulled and this was a photo from one of the two teeth she needed to have pulled. Both months apart.


The last incident was in this week when I noticed a big a hole in her tooth and she actually sat in the dentist chair to have it fixed like a big girl.


So what does any good blogger do when they have a problem? The head to the internet for help and advice! I came across Aquafresh website and they had some really great tips, you can also follow them on Facebook for more and they even have some great competitions as well. The one thing that really impressed me was that they have an app you can download that has these fun little characters and an awesome brushing song that is exactly 2 minutes.


*this is not a sponsored post in any way, shape or form, just a mom worried about her kids teeth


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