Working hard and getting less for your buck

Over the last couple of months our grocery bill has almost doubled and I swear we are buying less and less each month.

We do not live extravagant lives. My kids and husband don’t really eat healthy foods besides apples and bananas and sort of freak if I make food with veggies in it.  So it is not like I am spending thousands on fresh fruit and veggies. I mean my middle name is cheap because I work out our menu a month in advance, work out exactly what we will need for eat meal and then make up a shopping list, this includes going online and shopping around for the cheapest price before checking my cupboards for things I do not have to buy and then only heading to the shops to spend our hard-earned money and looking for more specials. I wrote a post about how I plan and shop about a year ago.

For the last couple of weeks I have been sitting and thinking that we are probably doing it wrong and there must be ways to save more money and that we are alone with this problem, that is until I came across this post from Hayley’s Joys.

I now feel less alone but still have no answers to how I can save on my shopping besides not feeding my children. Have you seen the price of sugar these days? Hannes came home with a 2.5kg sugar the other night and paid R34 for it. I almost died. I obviously sort of freaked on him for paying that much for sugar as we only use it for coffee and tea.

I sort of feel that we a consumer’s need to go on a shopping strike. Not to buy things that are so expensive to force retailers to take another look at their prices. If we stop buying things we don’t really need then maybe they will either take it off the shelf or decrease the prices. I am really at my wits en with all of this. We have been saying the same things for years, the petrol goes up and then so does everything else, but when the petrol comes down, nothing else comes down. We are really fighting a losing battle and this damn drought is not helping at all.

I do lots of my shopping at Makro and when there is extra cash I tend to buy things in bulk like toiletries and cleaning supplies that I use loads of, but even when doing that it does not feel like I am saving anything. Hayley asked for some advise in her post and then followed up by doing a post on Online Shopping, but like her I am not able to wrap my head around buying food online.

Do any of you do this and what happens if you get something and you are not happy with the sell by date or the product is not up to standard?


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