The Worst Parent award goes to….


I officially feel like the crappiest parent ever.

No seriously my parenting score of a 5/10 has gone all the way down to a -12.

What is going on you ask?

Well I almost completely or just maybe it wasn’t my fault, but my child was forgotten at school.

Now let me start at the beginning…

Lorelai has a set playdate with one of her friends on a Wednesday. Once week she goes there and the other the friend comes to our house after school. Now seeing that they are both in grade R their day ends at 12:00 and their siblings only come out 14:00. They are both enrolled in aftercare till 15:00 everyday so that no one has to get in their car twice to pick up children.

Wednesday happened as usual. My grandpa picked up Amandalynn from school and life continued as usual. I fetched Amandalynn from him and we headed back to school to watch Ethan play rugby. While we were watching the game I had this little voice saying go check if Lorelai was collected, but I knew that the friends mom is reliable so I scrapped that idea.

Eventually 17:00 came around and I went to collect Lorelai from her friends house, only to get there and a) not see my kid with her kid and b) the moms face was one of horror.

She never collected Lorelai as she sent me a text message to let me know she is not able to do so that day.

Why did I not read the message you as?

Well last week Friday my phone was stolen and I am still in the process of sorting it out.

I started to freak out just a little. My child was still at school. Mother guilt started to sink in. I failed my child.

I rushed to school, breaking very speeding law there is! half way there my grandpa called to say that he has just collected Lorelai and I need to come fetch her.

My poor baby was starving. The school does not offer lunch, and she only had a yoghurt and apple for after school. She was so pissed off at me, but forgave me after a bottle of coke.

Beside the fact that I was already feeling like a crappy parent, but the school also issued me with a fine for collecting my child late.

Have you ever forgotten your child by accident? How did you make it up to them?

*note this post was sent via email


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3 thoughts on “The Worst Parent award goes to….

  1. I am also one of those horrible mothers… When I work my mind gets so sucked into it that I forget about everything else. I have set daily reminders on my phone to pick them up on time and of course one day my battery would die on me. Eventually they walked over to their old aftercare and the principal phoned me to check if something went wrong because I am also one of those very reliable people and I didn’t have any legal excuses other than I forgot my child. It took a million hugs and kisses and pinky swear and cross my hart and whole week of being on time to fix it.


  2. Aaw man. That made me tear up a little just thinking of what you went through. I’m sorry this happened but kids are resilient and they don’t hole grudges for long (I’m sure). Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Your post reminded me of the days my parents forgot me outside the gates on my primary school, they had their own Plant Hire business and were always on the road. I was in grade 4 / 5 and spent a handful of times, waiting until 5 to get picked up. I promise, your child will not be scared from one incident and you are not a bad parent! Not at all… Just shows us that our mommy instinct works well and we shouldn’t ignore it! Chin up mommy….


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