My life is currently one long car ride

We moved into our new house on the day that the schools closed in June. That meant I did not have to deal with driving up and down to school. It was lovely.

But now schools are back in full swing and let me tell you I feel like a taxi driver.

In the mornings it take me 15min to get the girls from home to school. Luckily we are moving away from the N1 so I hardly have any traffic. I can deal with all of this, but the afternoons are getting to me.

I get to Brackenfell to fetch the girls between 2 & 3. So far over the last 2 weeks my afternoons have looked a little something like yesterday…

Get to Brackenfell at 15:00

Rush to school to watch Ethan play rugby at 15:10 till 15:40

Go to Checkers and get home by 16:10

Eat something, get dressed for bootcamp and leave the house at 16:50 to fetch Lorelai from her friend.

Sit in traffic and arrive at her friends house at 17:05 only to realise she is not there but that is a different blog post completely. Go to my grans to pick her up.

Get to Tara’s house at 17:35 for a quick coffee before leaving for bootcamp.

18:00 leave for bootcamp and get home at 19:15.

This is my life now almost every day, now image if you add my children’s sport to all of this.

I am tired from driving up and down.

Or maybe I am just tired.

Are you lucky enough to be able to be at home in the afternoons with your kids? What does that afternoon look like for you? Are you also a Mom-Taxi?

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