#KeepItTidy with Sweepsouth {Giveaway}

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We have moved to a new house and the one thing I told Hannes that we (more like I) desire to have help at least once a week. To do all the crappy work. I know I only work half day and according to my husband I spend the rest of the day home on the couch drinking cocktails and taking naps, but he gets home most nights to a semi, maybe 25%, clean home and dinner almost done. I spend my afternoons catering to the whims of my daughters between homework, sport and play dates.

I am still working on him on agreeing to get me a domestic once a week. So when I received an email from SweepSouth to offer me an 8 hours promotion clean I did a little bit of jumping up and down because someone heard my cry for help.

“Don’t stress about the mess, there is a new service on the home scene that will take the hassle out of your household chores. Offering an on-demand cleaning service, SweepSouth’s approach to the domestic service industry is refreshing, innovative and easy to use – for customer and cleaner alike.

The service is cashless and payment is a set rate charged to your card, so no awkward money talk. For added assurance and peace of mind, cleaners are vetted and rated by previous clients.”

“How to book a clean:
Visit www.sweepsouth.com or use the SweepSouth app and make your booking in a few easy simple steps – log the size of the space you would like cleaned, add your address, select a date and time, confirm your details and place your order. You will receive a confirmation email with a photograph and short description of the interests and background of the cleaner available to take on your job. A rate of R38 per hour is charged and payment is processed electronically once the clean up is complete. Cleaners receive 70-80% of the total cleaning fee, which is more than double the current minimum wage.”

It took me all of 60 seconds to respond and head over to the website to check them out. The website is very well put together and easy to use – so easy I am sure my gran will be able to figure it out. I made my booking and scheduled a date and time.

How it basically works is you a required a minimum of 3 hours to be booked and this is listed on the site as 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to be cleaned. The one thing I did notice on the site is there is not option to ask for other rooms in your house to be cleaned. They offer interior windows, inside cupboards, inside your fridge, inside your oven and laundry and ironing. You can even add that they bring their own cleaning supplies for an extra R40. I would love that they add other rooms to the site. I have now sent them and email to ask them about this.

The 28th rolled around and I was actually excited to have someone else come in and clean my house. I am just a little bit OCD and seeing that I wanted the cleaner to do the deep cleaning crappy jobs, I basically picked everything up and packed it away so that she did not have to waste time having to figure out where to put things. We she arrived I gave her very little instruction about what I wanted her to do, I basically told her where the cleaning supplies are and what are the most important pieces of clothing that I need ironed and that I want her to deep clean everything. I left and headed to work.

8 hours later I arrived home to a neat and tidy home. She went over and above what I asked her to so. Everything was shiny and clean, she moved all the furnisher and cleaned underneath and behind everything (generally I have noticed that most cleaners only do that when you ask them to do it). she cleaned my fridge and stove so well they looked brand new.

I was very happy with everything and have already booked my next clean – which I am paying for myself.

Sweepsouth was kind enough to offer one of my readers a #KeepItTidy voucher worth 6 hours. All you have to do it click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter. Competition end on 18 August 2016 and winner will be announced on 19 August 2016 via my Facebook page.

Click to enter Rafflecopter competition 

Have you ever used SweepSouth? If you have what did you love and what would you want them to change. 


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