Planning, is what I do for fun!

On of the things on my 30 before 30 list is to take the girls on a road trip. Now we cannot do the road trip to nowhere, but we can make our Christmas visit to Grandma a road trip filled with fun.

I am an epic list maker and I know it is 6 months before Christmas, but to me this feels like the perfect time to start planning our trip and find awesome places to see and things to do. I am still researching things to see and do on our trip.


Our itinerary so far:

Sunday 18 December: Do all our packing.

Monday 19 December: Turn 30 and do nothing but be fabulous. Get to bit early ish and load the car.

Tuesday 20 December: Leave Home at 4am. Make all the usual stops for coffee, toilet breaks and or food at Lainsburg, Beaufort West and Colesburg. Arrive in Bloemfontein and spend the night.

Wednesday 21 December: Get up when we wake up, have a relaxing breakfast before we hit the road to Pretoria. Obviously we will again stop have way… because anything more than 2 hours without coffee is too much for me. Arrive at grandma’s

Thursday 22 December: Spend the day catching up with family.

Friday 23 December: Visit the Johannesburg Zoo and do some last minute shopping before Christmas.

The kids have never been to an actual zoo and after watching mommy bloggers from the area visit the zoo and doing such fun posts, I really hope it is all that it has been made out to be. If you have visited and have any advise for me please let me know.

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 December: Spend the day at home with the family.

Monday 26 December: Visit the Montana Family Market (that’s if they are open seeing that it is a public holiday. I will obviously call and find out before we leave on our trip. If they are not open we will get up early and head to The Valley of the Waves. I assume it will be packed, but the gates open at 9 and if we are there before 9 we should be able to have a great morning. I haven’t been in Sun City since early high school for drummie nationals and I have so many wonderful memories.

Tuesday 27 December: I was thinking of maybe arranging a little kids friendly meetup with some of the bloggers in the area. If you are keen and know of a great spot let me know (take note that I am from Cape Town and we hate driving for longer than 20 minutes but for this occasion I won’t mind spending more time in the car). We are staying in Pretoria North.

Wednesday 28 December: Go sightseeing. Amandalynn and Lorelai are both Voortrekkers and all Amandalynn wants to do is visit the Voortrekker Monument. I am still researching other amazing sights to visit.

Thursday 29 December: Spend the day with the family, pack the car and just relax.

Friday 30 December: Get up early and make the long drive home.

I am looking forward to this trip. This will sort of be our first large family vacation, it will also be the first time that we will all be stuck together in a car for longer than 4 hours. My anxiety is obviously starting to flare up already so I started to make packing lists, mostly to include activities for the kids to keep them entertained while confined to car seats.

On the mention of car seats, make sure to check out #CARSEATFULLSTOP. It is an campaign that every mother should support and to be honest I would not call it a campaign, but we should rather call it a way of life.

Do you have any suggestions on places we should visit while in Pretoria? Or anywhere we should stop on our way up from Cape Town?


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2 thoughts on “Planning, is what I do for fun!

  1. Hey Charlotte! So I have taken a moerse long leave of absence from blogging but I think I am officially back 🙂 Do let me know if you are planning a bloogy meet. I’d be keen for sure. And we always hang out in Pretoria around Christmas….I love being home for Christmas.


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