A carnival themed ladies tea

I have told you before that I am that typical PTA kind of mom, there is very little that happens at my children’s school that I do not know about.

At the end of last year I told my husband that I will not be as involved at the school this year and even said know when I was asked to be on the PTA. I had every intention of keeping my word to him.


Then the school year started and even though I did not volunteer to be in charge of our grade for the Fete at the beginning of the year I helped out as a normal parent. I was so proud of myself. So when the annual ladies tea rolled around I elected to not attend the hostess meeting as I will sure as hell not be hosting a table and running around like a crazy person to make it a success.

I even high fived myself for that decision.


Karma is a bitch. She laughed and laughed at me. Because my bestie, Tara from Tara Louw designs decided that this would be a great marketing opportunity for her and we can host 1 table together and share the work load. I can’t say no to her.

Karma laughed and laughed when I attended the meeting. She laughed even harder when we decided to host 2 tables and then just to show me how hard she can laugh they asked me to get sponsors for prizes and much more.

I can’t kick karmas ass. I am her bitch and she owns me. I think the school knows this. They know that I will do anything for my kids and then telling me that the money raised is going to upgrade the bathrooms and build more – I mean tuck me around by my heart strings why don’t you.

So if you been wondering where I have been for the last couple of weeks, I have not died or fled the country…I have worked my ass off at the office before recess started, starting contacting every person/company that I know and don’t know to support the function and donate money, time and everything I can find.

The event was on Saturday and then hopefully, just hopefully life will return to normal before karma comes knocking again to let me know that the school’s annual dance is happening. So this is the long/short way of explaining where I have been.


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