Blogging over Breakfast

I’ve had both the honour and pleasure of being invited to the Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast. Guys since the day I got the invitation I was excited and counted the sleeps. I kept sharing that I was invited on Instagram and went completely crazy because of it.

Obviously my car broke days before the event, which left me with a bit of a dilemma… The event is on a Saturday in the Southern Suburbs and I live in the Northern Suburbs. Lorelai has horse riding lessons and Hannes had to work. I made a plan and convinced my husband to leave for work earlier and drop me at the location and I will wait until people arrive. I mean its Kids Emporium you don’t mind waiting.

He dropped me at the wrong location. More like 10 minutes’ walk from the wrong location. I walked calmly and when I arrived at the location, I found a church and a nun. I was starting to have a panic attack, but lucky for me Maz showed up and we figured out where to go together.

Arriving at the location was as usual amazing. I mean I could live here. Forever and a day.


The guest list was in my eyes elite. I have been following most of these bloggers for ever and tried to stay cool enough and not turn into a complete groupie. Mandy did an blogpost featuring all the ladies who attended called 21 (+1) INSPIRING WOMEN.

Walking into the venue we were greeted with bubbly and juice #winning feeling.


We all got little cards with our name cards and we had seconds to find our match, take a selfie and upload it with all the #hashtags for the day. As usual the first thing I did upon entry was get the wifi password, all the tags and #hashtags and saved them. Mandy and I were teamed up and after taking a blurry selfie I just had to paste the tags and we won and amazing little coffee mug, coffee and rusks gift bag.

After quick introductions we were taken into the dinning room to find our seats. It is very seldom that events have a seating plan, but our #Kidsemporium goody bags were made for each of us personally so a seating plan was the best idea ever.

Lauren De Swardt, is the founder and owner of Kids Emporium, and listening to her story on how she started the brand and how she has built it up to be as successful as it is today is a true inspiration. I love hearing stories like Lauren’s. Stories of regular people, who take their ideas and pour an extraordinary amount of themselves into making those ideas and dreams a reality.

Usually at these event we sit an listen to our hosts, but at this breakfast the hosts wanted to hear more about us! I then realised just how much awesomeness I was surrounded by in that little room! We all shared bits of our lives, little tit bits of our children and some more about our blogs. I love how even tough we are all bloggers, we aren’t just bloggers. Most of us have a full time job or run our own companies as well.


There was loads of selfie action towards the end and the fact that I am short meant that I could stand next to Elana Afrika. I mean that smile is not for the photo, but more in the line of I touched ELANA AFRIKA!!!!!


If you are on Instagram you can follow and of the tags for the day and find these pictures below and more. Not only that but you will find the bloggers that I look up to and that inspire me to be a better blogger and to do more with my blog than just keep it as a diary for my children. The photos below were taken by the following bloggers:

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp  is not only awesome in very sense of the word, but she has a lifestyle and fashion blog called Chocolate Face. You can also follow her adventures on her Facebook page and of course her Twitter account.

Make sure to visit Kids Emporium Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more on this amazing brand.

Watch this space as I have a giveaway coming your way soon…

Here are some links to what other bloggers had to say about the event: Treat Me Sweetlie; The Mom Diaries; The Milk Memoirs; Making Mountains; Anthea’s Project Life

If you attended the event and would love some love for your post, please leave the link in the comments. 



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