Big things are happening… or may be just one thing


We are moving! We found a house and we are moving on 24 June. After 5 years living in the little house my parents built for us, we are finally moving off the property onto our own. We are still renting as buying is not an option right now, but even with the increased costs I am excited. I get to make the rules. I get to decide what i so with my garden, etc.

My anxiety is over the top, but I am slowly packing and throwing away. Obviously I feel like I am getting no where as there are loads of things that I can not pack yet.

How do I deal with this? Pinterest


 I have so many ideas of things I want to do and try.

Firstly 2 of the 3 sides of my house at the back is just sand. It hardly ever gets sun so grass will not grow there. This is perfect for my dogs to be able to dig and play without F*ing up my grass, but the idea of having to walk through sand is already pissing me off. I am planning an stunning pathway. Hannes is not too happy about the extra work, but he is happy to make me happy.

My dad cut down the 3 big ass trees in our front yard over the weekend and he has saved me the stumps to make a pathway with with pebbles all around.


I am a coffee addict and I have already started buying the parts to make my own little coffee nook. I have the perfect wall in my kitchen to do this.


And my favourite part of the new move is… I finally get to have a photo wall of my dreams. Everytime I look at Cindy’s blog and I see her stunning lounge wall – I want to sob and steal it at the same time. I might just have to invite her over for coffee and put her to work.


You can view my different folders here: Bathroom; Garden; Kitchen; Master Bedroom; Puppy loves; Lounge.

I have also been googling tips on moving for the last 3 months and the one tip I have adopted to my move was to colour code the boxes for each room in my house and I have already given Hannes instructions that no boxes will move into my house, they will be pilled up in the garage and I will tackle them one box at a time.

Do you have any moving tips? Or done a post about moving in the past? Please link it up for me to look at. 


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4 thoughts on “Big things are happening… or may be just one thing

  1. I feel your stress with moving, I have moved 4 times since in the last 10 years and it really hasn’t gotten much easier. The last time was just over a year ago when I was about 7 months pregnant with a 6 year old and a 4 year old cat. The logistics and not being able to physically do much really sucked! The best thing I could do was to focus on one room at a time and then in that one room just one cupboard or one draw. I would start there and keep packing until I was too tired to continue. Then I would rest for a bit and when I started panicking again about what still needed to be done I would try and refocus on just one draw or cupboard. Also, making lists and sorting into what’s urgent and what can wait also helped.

    Congrats on your new home! It really is so awesome having your own space and really exciting building on it and doing things you want to do! Good luck and the rough part of moving does eventually pass. Enjoy!

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  2. Oh and sorry, now that I read your whole post and not just the first paragraph….the boxes in the garage really helped and the best is you can take your time unpacking them. I still have some boxes with things in that I haven’t quite found a place for yet.

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