Life is crazy currently. I feel like every time things start to fall in place – something happens that pushes me in the opposite direction. Today Cindy’s post popped into my inbox and I figured why not do a currently post and just put it all out there.

Watching: I can never just watch 1 series. I have to watch a couple at the same time to ensure that I do not get bored and end up with nothing to watch. My favourites at the moment are Nashville; Game of Thrones & MasterChef Australia.


Thinking About: The amount of things that I need to do. My to do list is getting longer both at work and both personal. I have this thing. This thing I do when life gets too much, that I shut down. We are moving (many reasons why, that I cannot get into now) so at this stage my brain cannot do anything but look for a house. It’s all consuming. It takes everything I have. I cannot move forward because the house is still up in the air.

Sorting out: Moving. We are house hunting and tonight I am looking at another. Hold thumbs it is perfect.

Eating: My husband hates this, but I am cooking different meals daily. I am bored with eating the same thing over and over again. So I am experimenting, some good some bad.

Reading: I have read a book since 2014. I really need to get started on this again. I have a box filled with books that I have not read.

Feeling Thankful For: My husband. We are in a situation currently that I cannot really discuss, but the fact that he is supporting his wife 100% makes me proud to call him my husband.

Trying: to get my ass into gear. With so many things going on I am not doing my blog justice by posting often enough. I have so many draft posts just lying around half finished! If I could just finish them all I would not have to blog for 2 months. But life kind of happens too often and I so not get around to staying up to date.

Discussing: Friendships and family and in my case they are almost the same thing.

Listening To: I spend a lot of time in my car and walking around town and I have downloaded an epic mix of old and new school country. I love all things country.

What are you currently doing?


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