Life = happiness…

Over the last 2 months so much has happened, nothing really full blog post worthy, little snippets about what goes on in our daily lives. Very little words but so many photos…

Last month a family member adopted a little girl. She is the prettiest little thing. Not only did they add a child to their family, but 2 weeks after the adoption she found out that she is pregnant. How blessed is that? My cousin (age 16) took photos at the baby shower and she took these photos of my girls.


The tooth fairy also came to visit Lorelai for the first time. She spent a week walking around with a tooth hanging on a little string. I wanted to pull it, but she wanted to hear nothing of that, but I did it anyway and she was so upset. How cute is my toothless kid?


Do you remember the puppy we found? She is growing like there is no end. She weighs about 7 kg’s and she still has a long way to go in terms of growing. Otherwise she is healthy.


What normal dog sleeps this way?


These dogs of mine are loved and spoilt and they think they are human. See how Kayla is not okay with me taking photo’s of Xena.

On Human Rights day I had to work and Hannes got to spend the day with Lorelai running around the company gardens and having fun. The photos he took are amazing. No wonder he is the photographer in the family.


School activities has been up and running as usual. Seeing as it is winter, hockey season is back in full swing and Amandalyn is loving it.


Lorelai gets tired when supporting her sister.


They lost 6-0 but this face is happiness

My car broke down a little while ago and I got to spend just over a month being driven around by other people. On a different note I went for my drivers license last week and failed – so I am trying again on the 24th. Hold thumbs for me.


There was also a huge huge storm that blew over a tree in our yard, directly onto my dads bakkie and blocked the driveway for about 24 hours.



Then just to make you giggle… Our Laila is not a fan of my dad or going pee pee. @assholethor will be so proud of her.

There are a couple of posts about events, products and maybe some prizes coming up over the month to look out for… I attended a Wizardz (tag instagram) event and Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast just to name 2.


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