It takes a village to raise a child, in this case a community

Before the birth of my second child I spent a lot of time chatting on forums and none of them really worked for me. That is until I found Moomie.

I fell in love with Moomie. It was a friendly, open and local forum and I got to make real friends instead of chatting to strangers. Over the last 6 years the forum has grown and even tough I no longer chat there daily, I still pop in to read the articles and every now and then chat to old friends.

A while ago Jana asked me to start writing articles for the site and I said yes. For Moomie I will give my liver. I mean I still drive with my Moomie baby on board sign and my kid is 6 people.

Here is some Moomie news I think you need to know and if you are expecting, trying or just need other moms to chat to, become a Moomie member.

The Moomie parenting website now has two South African story series available in Afrikaans and English. These stories are recorded as MP3’s – so you can download it on any electronic device – and also comes with the most beautiful illustrations.


Jana Grobbelaar, owner of Moomie, explains the stories are emailed to you every week and you can listen and read it when it suits you.

“My children adore these stories. The most rewarding is when they act out what they heard in the stories a few days after. For instance, there’s this cool story about Sabik and Navi staging a puppet show. Last week my husband and I had to ‘pay’ to attend our children’s puppet show. I love seeing children’s imagination develop. That’s also the main reason why I think stories are so very important.”

There are two series, Snuki and Fester (ages 2-4) and Sabik and Navi (ages 4-8). The first month of these stories are free and you are under no obligation to join after the month. If you do want to join, it’s only R99/month.

Just choose which series you’d like to receive for a month for free. Click here!


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