They just don’t get it…


Today I had a discussion with a non-blogger about how stupid they think blogging is and I realised that they just don’t get the appeal of blogging and what it means to bloggers.

We all start blogging for different reasons and for me personally it was because I no longer had time to scrapbook with two children.

She mentioned that blogging is stupid and the crap that is shared just worked her up. Her biggest concern is for the children as their entire lives are out there on the internet and they have no say in the matter. Nothing is private and everyone gets to see your business.

I tried to explain why I blog to her and what it is in my mind to be a blogger in the following way…

We are called bloggers because we post about personal experiences, we are not journalists we do not post facts we talk about our lives.

We share about our children and yes sometimes we share too much information, but that is our niche. I am parenting blogger, so I post about parenting. The good the bad the ugly.

I told her that people don’t read blogs for the pretty pictures and perfect life stories , okay sometimes we do, but we follow blogs by real people for real stories.

We want/need to feel that we are not alone. That we are not struggling between wanting to love and kill our children at the same time. We need to know that we are not making mistakes alone, that no-one gets it right the first time.

We blog and read blogs for many reason, most of them as personal as the reason for why we blog.

By the end of the conversation she still did not get it and I doubt she ever will.

You are either pro blogging or not.

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Why do you read blogs? Why do you blog? Is there is right answer to these questions?


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7 thoughts on “They just don’t get it…

  1. Yeah I had a similar convo with someone who isn’t a parent. They believe that us mom bloggers are using our kids as a means of becoming internet famous!

    Which infuriated me – especially coming from a non-parent ! Who would ever assume that a parent would use their kids in that way? Very sad and hurtful !

    Not everyone gets it I suppose and not sure if they ever will.

    But what I do know is , is that if it’s done with the right heart – the posts will touch and inspire who it needs to x


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