We like to party and eat…



I mentioned last week that my best friend Tara turned 30 and that we were planning a party. It was a great night but before I get into details let me start at the beginning…

I might have mentioned that I had a surprise for her and if you know me I don’t do surprises and I don’t keep secrets from my bestie. We planned her party down to every last detail and for desserts we decided to do mini ones and no cake. That was my opportunity to make her an awesome cake. So friday night I enlisted the help of my friend Liesel to decorate the cake I made.There was no way in hell that I could have made it look this good.

People I can bake, but I can not cook to save my life!

Tara loved her cake, or at least that is what she said – I choose to believe her. The mini desserts I made also came out better than expected. I made mini lemon meringues as well as a creative chocolate one that everybody loved (recipe inserted at the end of the post).


I actually had 2 drinks at the party – seeing as I do not drink anymore for me that is a shit load. Tara made little canapes and gourmet boerewors rolls and to be honest I wouldn’t do anymore than that for my 30th. It was a small but perfect party.

Obviously Party-Mama-Zilla as Reluctant Mum calls me is kind of popping her head out and thinking about my 30th in December. So much time to think and plan.


Chocolate Creme Caramel Oreo Cups

I used the smallest purity jars I could find. The recipe makes about 15.

2 x Oreo packets
1 cup Almonds

1 x packet of choco flavoured creme caramel
500ml Milk
Shaved chocolate or edible glitter

1) Crush the Oreos and almonds.
2) Line the bases of each little pot.
3) Follow the steps on creme caramel packet to make only the pudding part.
4) Fill each pot equally.
5) Mix the remaining packet as per instructed on the box and slowly add a teaspoon full to each little pot.
6) Set in fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

Top with cream and sprinkle with chocolate/glitter before serving.


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