DIY for my home

I started a DIY yourself section for my home ages ago, updates  will be in bold


What I want to do:

  • Hooks on the kitchen door to hang my and the girls aprons.
  • New Bin
  • Hang curtains
  • More glasses

I have in this last month rearranged my kitchen in such away that I have the same amount of things on my counter tops, but it looks less cluttered. – (Feb’16)

 Kids Bedroom

What I want to do:

  • Curtain holding thingies, Lovely pink ones now hold the curtains back.
  • I want to put up a large frame for each child on the wall and fill it with all their achievements.

The kids bedroom has also been moved and I am in the process of getting rid of toys and all the other crap they accumulate. They now also have a computer and large fish tank in there. (Feb’16)

My bedroom

What I want to do:

    • Lamps
    • A reading chair with standing lamp – This will be a dream come true
    • Lights for mirror – I have to get lights installed by my dresser as it is way too dark to be able to do make up
    • Full length mirror that makes my boobs look huge and my middle tiny.
    • New curtains.
    • Curtain holding thingies

What I have done:

    • Bedside tables – I painted one bedside table grey. (Oct’15)
    • Headboard – Tara got a new bed and I bought her old base with head board. (Oct’15)
    • Something to hang my jewelry on to make it look less like a dress up box. – I have moved my make up and most of my jewels to the bathroom. Nail things in a cupboard and only hair items on my dresser. Huge difference. (Oct’15)
    • I have a double clothing rake, that now stands in my bedroom that I hang our everyday clothing on. (Feb’16)


What I want to do:

  • Child & Dog proof Rug
  • Photo frame Wall – I am currently working on this. I have now sorted all my frames and have even put newspaper on my walls in the shape and size of each frame.
  • Standing Lamp
  • Curtains
  • Scatter Cushions
  • DVD Player

What I have done:

  • New TV – Hannes finally got his dream and bought an expensive flat screen tv (Oct’15)
  • We also got new couches and portraits to put up all over our house. (Oct’15)
  • TV Unit – We got a lovely wine rack from Hannes brother and we have not turned it on its side, moved the feet and it is our new TV unit, (Jan’16)


What I want to do:

  • Hand towel ring and toilet roll hook
  • New colour coded with theme towels and bath mats
  • Nice pots for toiletry things

What I have done:

  • A magazine rack as Lorelai has also started “reading” on the loo – Its not really a rack, but a basket filled with reading material for all ages. (Oct’15)


What I want to do:

  • Outside cushions to sit on concrete stepping-stones
  • More lights
  • Table and chairs
  • A Dog Kennel

I am busy picking out paint colours to paint my house on the inside, currently some of my walls have patches painted all over them. 

My list has gotten shorter… Maybe some day soon I will live in the perfect house.


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