Day in the life of me


I often get asked what I do in a day, mostly by my husband and sometimes by strangers or even friends because I only work halfday.

Yes, I am lucky enough to have a job that not only offers me a proper salaey but also allows me the flexi time to enable me to attend events for both PR and my children.

Here is a little sneak peak of what my days look like:

06:00 get up, supervise children eating and getting ready for school. Put dog out, make sure they have food and water, clean the mess they made during the night and give them cuddles. Get myself ready for work, make coffee and try to get children into the car and drop them at school.

07:08 catch a train to Cape Town – trip should take 30min as its an express train, but seeing that it is public transport, trains will either be delayed or cancelled or so full you cant get in.

08:00ish get to work and stay there till 13:00 then I usually run to the train station as my train home is at 13:08 and if I miss it my next train is at 13:53.

*Some days I only leave the office between 2 and 3.

14:00ish get to Brackenfell. Walk a block to my grans home, collect my car and collect kids from school. We then usually get home, let dogs in, have lunch, check that dogs have food amd water, clean up their mess again and the kids have “chill time” until 15:00.

We then start with homework in between driving up and down for what ever sport Amandalyn has until about 16:30. Between that I have probibly gone to the shop as well. (Note there is at least one sporting match a week that I go watch and that takes uo the entire afternoon if it doesnt fall on a saturday)

From 17:00 the girls and I clean up at home, start with dinner and do washing. Some days I if my friends are running late I collect their kids from chreche at about 17:30 and then I usually have 6 children running around as I try to cook and clean. Their mother will collect them just after 6, have a coffee and quick chat (this happens at least once a week) and around 18:30 my husband gets home.

From the minute he gets home, we eat, bath the children, pack school bags, fight with them over something, do more cleaning and try to spend time with them until they go to bed at about 20:00 (read closer to 22:00). I often have meetings, either at school, Voortrekkers or church in the evenings which means the husband gets to do all of the above alone from the minute he gets home – these usually falls on match days. Karma is such a bitch.

After the kids go to bed, I get to chill. Translation: Have coffee while working on blog posts, make arrangements and plans for above meetings as discussed. I often only get into the shower around 11ish. On night like last my bestie came over at about 10 for a coffee and chat – sometime I will go to her, mostly this will happen after 11 or even midnight.

On the weekends you can add Voortrekkers on a Friday night from 5 – 7, Lorelai’s riding lessons on a Saturday morning, Amandalynns sport matches, Kids parties, my husband workig every second saturday, church on sundays and even social gatherings.

You are probibly either thinking how the hell do you do it or bored as hell. But people I have a calendar that is the first thing I see when I unlock my cell, if you invite me to anything I will check it and fit you in immediatly otherwise it will never happen. Even the husband knows to check the calendar before making any plans.

What are your days like and how do you manage it?

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3 thoughts on “Day in the life of me

  1. Voortrekkers on Friday nights call for real parent dedication. Honestly I wonder if we would have half the kids if we had that timeslot. We are Wednesdays between 4:30 and 5:30 and odd camps etc over weekends


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