Local is Lekker with a side of cupcakes

A couple of weeks back the Kanonkop Voortrekkers celebrated their 40th birthday and to celebrate that I arranged to get cupcakes sponsored for the children to enjoy. I contacted so many people to help us and the first one who responded was Ina.

Guys – she made the cutest mini cupcakes packed with flavour. I wish I had photos of them but before I could grab the camera we had 100 kids runnig in our direction and we all know you then just duck and dive – because you can stop them.

I interviewed Ina and here is what you need to know about her.

What is your name?
Ina Coetzee


Tell me about yourself?
I am a 44 year old mother of twin girls age 24 and a son age 20.  Engaged to a wonderful man, getting married on 10 September 2016.  I work full time as a bookkeeper for 4 Companies in the Western Cape.  I recently started entering pageants and are currently the 1st Princess of Mrs Worcester and 2nd Princess of Hearts of Dreams. I am also a Sh’zen consultant and love doing facials, hand, foot treatments and destress massages.


Tell me more about your business. Is this a full time job/hobby/extra job?
I always strive to help others where possible, even if it is just with an encouraging word or a hug.  I started baking cupcakes as a hobby and for extra income.  I also bake once a year donations cupcakes for the cancer kids. I always look at all the beautiful pictures and tried some of the decorating and found that the whole experience of baking till decorating is actually very relaxing.  Giving me time to think and be myself, and to bring joy to others.


What do you love about working as a baker? 
I love the idea that i can say afterwards ” i created that”. I feel so proud of myself.




What is something you dislike about being a baker? if i struggle to get the perfect decoration, or not satisfied how it looks against the pictures in the magazines.


You can contact Ina via her Facebook page,
Email: ina.coetzee01@gmail.com or her Cell: 084 326 9605


If you have a small business and would like to have it featured here, please contact me.



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