Parenting is hard but blogging about it is harder.


Is it just me or is blogging getting more difficult each passing day?

When I started blogging it was easy to have something meaningful to say everyday. My kids were babies and parenting was new. I could blog endlessly about all the cute things my kids do and say. Finding product to review was easy because there are so many difderent baby and toddler things on the market.

Then slowly blogging became something I had to think about. Amandalynn started school and I had to sensor what I say about her, my family and life in general. I started asking my kids if I could post certain things as I feel they have a right to say yes or no. Besides their opinion, certain things are not for public viewing and my private posts over the last 2 years are more than double my public ones.

I had to change my niche without becoming boring. It took me about two years of trying different things and seeing the reactions on those things to try and figure out what readers “need”. For a long time I felt like a failure as a blogger and having little interest from PR (compared to what it use to be) kind of bruised my ego.

I decided to let it go. Let the blog die slowly and be okay with it – until I started looking for other parents who share my struggles and I couldnt find much advice that werent from a medical professional.

I found my new niche and I am extatic about the response that I have received from readers. I realised that there are so many parents and children struggling with different kind of emotional and behavioral disorders and those people are hungry for information as well as other people who are on the sa e road as them.

I realise that I can not give an medical opinion, but I can share what works in my house and what doesn’t with other parents.

I look forward to the next couple of months om the blog and all the big plans I have. Even if I have to think about every single post amd do research for almost all of them, its hard but its a challange I gladly accept.

Is there anything you guys would like to see here? Pop me an mail or leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Parenting is hard but blogging about it is harder.

  1. Have really felt like I’ve lost my blogging mojo – I just don’t have as much time available as I would like to. Such a good idea to have a kind of “theme”, makes sense! Will be popping in often to see your posts for sure.


  2. I’ve been struggling with filtering what I post for years now. It’s definitely getting worse. Half the trouble is once you remove what the kids have done or said, there’s very little left of me…


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