Parenting is easier than pleasing your children all the time…

A while ago Sharon from The Blessed Barrenness wrote a post titled “Have we lost the art of parenting” the post centres around how a child friendly establishment in North Riding basically changed their policy to say that no children were allowed and listed the reasons for not allowing children anymore. Sharon then went on to say…

What the hell guys! Are we raising the future generation to be a bunch of cruel, callous, disrespectful thugs? Thugs with no regard for anyone but themselves, who think they are entitled to do whatever the hell they want without consequence? No man! What hell is going to happen to our society if this is what we’re raising as our future leaders, movers and shakers?

I’m going to start off by pointing out that my children are not little angels and that as any other child they also have days that they act out and are complete and utter brats. I want to kill them half the time. Parenting is so much different from when I was growing up and I try to install the same values and discipline that my parents installed in me to my children. I didn’t grow up in a house where children were seen and not heard, as we were always allowed free speech but it had to be respectable towards everyone. I also knew that,  that had it own limits and with just one look from my mother I knew to keep my mouth shut immediately because I knew the rules and I respected my parents enough to obey their rules.

I see that a lot of children these days pretty much just do what they want, when they want to.

Note that I respect your choice as a parent, they are your children not mine, I spend a little bit of time with them and even though some things you or your kids do will not work for my family or I do not like it, I know that your children, your rules and I respect that and will 99% just shut up and deal with it.

That being sad, I do blame parents for the behavior of their children. As I take responsibility for my childrens behavior – I expect you take do the same with yours. Here is a list of things that drive me up a wall and why… 

Constantly Throws Tantrums 
If your child is under 3 no problem – the cannot express themselves emotionally, but if you child is older than 3 and has a fanny wabble over everything constantly, you need to make a plan. It is not ok for your 6 year old to spend more time aroudn you screaming over crap that actually playing with friends. Mommy or daddy unless your child has an emotional disorder change what you are doing as it is not working.  

Hits, Grabs, Acts Bossy and Everything Else that Embarrasses You
All kids do it, but as a parent I expect you to step in when it gets too much. My bestie and I each have 2 children that are pretty much being raised as siblings. They fight constantly and to an extend we leave them be as they need to sort themselves out – we hardly ever need to step in. But if you little princess comes over to play with my daughters and spends the entire play date telling them what to do, screaming at them and treating them like crap… I will step in and she will get a talking to. (This has happened before)

Acts Defiant and Always Negotiates
Parents learn to say no and sticking to your guns no matter what your child throws at you – here I follow the advise of the American Government “We do not negotiate with terrorists”. If you child talks back or makes fun of you in front of other people (even at home alone) sort that shit out right there and then. I personally believe that if you show your child you mean business (which ever way works for you) in public they are less likely to try it again.  

Complains of Being Bored
I often tell my children to go away and find something to do when we are visiting other people as I always pack toys/tablets/etc for them. I am not here to entertain them and I cannot for the life of me remember that my parents entertained me while we were visiting other people – in fact you did not bother your parents unless you were starving and or bleeding to death. 

Talks Rudely to Adults and Is Mean to Peers
I only have one thing to say here and that if your child does this in front of me or to me that I will say something immediately unless you say something before I do.  

Look we all have off days and our kids have off days – but after reading Sharon’s post I honestly feel that we spend too much time negotiating with our children and allowing them to much as we feel guilty about working hard and all those other little lies we tell ourselves. 

Here are some Ecards to get you thinking.


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