Emotionally drained…

This last week has been hell – okay maybe not hell but emotionally it has been draining. Beside what is going on with my mind normally there are so many other things going on as well.

I have close friends that are having problems – which are not mine to discuss – that is having an every emotionally draining effect on me. I sit wishing there is more I can do but I cant.

On our home front, Lorelai had a seizure/fit on saturday morning and I stood there watching it happen – feeling helpless and having no clue what to do and trying not to freak out. We obviously rushed her to hospital to have her checked out.


Tonight she is being taken up in hospital again to have the EEG done tomorrow. I am praying that we can actually find the problem because the tests coming back clean – means more tests because we have to find the cause of this.


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7 thoughts on “Emotionally drained…

  1. Hang in there, it will all work out. It really is a horrible process to go through. The EEG should give you results though.
    I freaked the first time Logan had an “episode” and we took him for an EEG. They picked up an electrical focus so we then had to take him for a MRI. Long story short, he was diagnosed with Rolandic epilepsy, which is a benign form of epilepsy that occurs in kids between ages 3 to 9 and they apparently eventually out grow it. We decided not to medicate because the “episodes” happen so infrequently we wouldn’t actually know if it was the medication helping or not. He hasn’t had another one (*touch wood*) in just under a year. It really was a scary process and I know what you are going through, but be strong, you’re little girl will be fine and you will be fine. Take one test and step at a time. Thinking of you guys tonight.

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  2. That must’ve been really scary stuff for you to watch. (I’ve been there) With my baby)
    We also had similar nightmare last month with my niece – also clear tests and no explanation.
    Wishing you all the strength and hope you all get some good rest. X

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