Happy Monday… wasnt it just friday? We spent the weekend relaxing and watching series while Amandalynn studied for her first ever exams and Lorelai the entire day saturday at an birthday party after her riding lesson.

Thinking:  About how quickly my kids have grown over the last couple of months. I was looking at Lorelai last night and omw I swear she has grown a foor since starting school and lost everything that was baby about her and she is now a little lady.


Trying:  To be more calm… Failing badly but still trying everyday.

Enjoying:  My kids more. Now that they are older and helping out more around the house, we get to enjoy each other a lot more. Spending actual time with them and not just spending time wathing them as they play.


Watching:  Hannes and I started watching a new series called Second Chance and it is actually so good. Its been ages since we watched a series together.

Plotting: Birthday’s… Always birthday’s. Lorelai’s birthday has passed so now I am planning something for my best friend – gift wise, my 30th birthday is in December and seeing as I am trying to accept turning 30, I will be having a huge party.


Doing: Everything and more. Not enough cleaning but keeping busy working on this space and getting the kids from point A to Z. The new puppy is also keeping me busy from worrying about it to cleaning up after it.

Laughing At: The things Lorelai say. She has this way about her that when she answers you or tells you pretty much anything it is hilarious.


Stressed about: Everything. I am realsing that for now I need to go back on my anxiety meds because stressing about everything for no reason is a waste of my time.

What are you currently up to?


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6 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Hi Charlotte, love your blog!
    My son (10) has been diagnosed with being an extremely sensitive child. He is seeing a psychologist currently. He worries about world peace, plastic islands, not enough trees for oxygen, etc. The other night while he was sleeping I noticed that he is grinding his teeth. Poor little guy. I am very anxious too and am on meds. Like yourself I too sometimes feel that I am a lousy mom 😦 Hopefully my meds and his sessions will bring some relief. Hold thumbs 🙂


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