Supporting your child in sport the right way

Now that high of the new school year has passed and the kids have settled into school and started taking part in sporting activities, it is the best time to post about how to act/support your kids during sporting events.


We all know the dads and their sons especially on the rugby field that can get a bit rough when it comes to “encouragement”. But what we as parents sometimes forget is that there is a right and wrong way of supporting your child on the sports field and supporting your child should be done in such a way that your child finds it supportive and encouraging. Some kids like to hear it when their names are shouted (in a positive way) from the side-line, but others find it embarrassing. I think the best way to be sure of this is to ask your child how is the best way for you to support them and then to do what they asked.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your child’s sporting activities is that that is exactly what it is that your child’s sport not yours. I personally dream of my girls being drum majorettes because it’s my sport but I know that they have their own interest. Amandalynn loves hockey and soccer while Lorelai loves horses and gymnastics so I need to be mindful of what they want and how to correctly support them.

We all want our children to excel in everything they do and be the best of the best, as parents we treat them like superstars from the day that they are born “if you can dream it you can do it” comes to mind. But as parents we also need to be realistic in those dreams for our children, my daughter plays A team hockey because she has ball skills that the other kids have not learnt yet due to private coaching but she is slow and does not run on the field. As of Grade 4 the other kids will start to learn those ball skills which mean she will get bumped down to the B maybe even C team. My point is I as parent need to be ok with this and prepare my child for this in a positive way.


I have often told her that she needs to start running on that field if she wants to keep her position on the team, she cannot just think because she is A team now it will stay that way forever. I will not push her to work harder and put endless amounts of pressure on her, I give her the facts and then I give her options, what she decides to do with that are up to her. It kills me to see the “I am okay with C team” attitude but it is her life and her choice.

Then there are the parents around us who do not believe in being positive on the field no matter what, I have told some of those parents to shut up and stop screaming like a banshee at their children especially if my kid is on that field. We all believe are children will be the next Springbok in whatever they are taking part in, but do you honestly think your child wants to be a Springbok if it means you are standing next to the field belittling them?

I believe in reward for doing your best, when Amandalynn played a good game and her team lost, but I know she did her best she gets an ice cream or coke or just some treat as a reward. We do not believe in winning at all costs in my house, we believe in taking part, having fun and doing YOUR PERSONAL best at all times. I say this to my children daily and have even written about it before.


Have fun with your children; make sure they see that you are proud of them even if they were playing at their worst, because taking part and being a part of a team is more important than the outcome of any game. This will teach your child that they are good enough for you as a parent no matter if they win or lose.

Do your kids play sport? How do you support them and act next to the field.


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4 thoughts on “Supporting your child in sport the right way

  1. Exactly our motto – your best is good enough for us. I actually have a post that may go up today (or next week depending on time completing it) about what happened in our school when the status quo of the usual sports teams gets upset and how different parents react. Our L loves to hear us shout on the field, C not so much. A does not really care on the hockey field but claims that she can hear us when she swims and needs all the shouting with the swimming. I doubt she hears us but shout we will.

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