Reblogged: I’m A Parent. I’m Distracted. I Forget. Arrest Me?

I cannot believe this. How the hell do they arrest someone who forgot to pay for coffee because it was in the bottom of her pram and she had to deal with 2 children while attempting to shop at the same time? Then she got arrested in front of her 8 year old daughter. I do not make use of Pick n Pay at Longbeach Mall, because I have no clue where that is, but as a mother who has walked out of a store with things I have not paid for due toi being distracted by my children, I refuse to shop at or support any Pick n Pay until the case against this women is dropped and an apology is published and they pay for therapy for the 8 year old who had to witness their mother being arrested.

Now mothers I ask that we all do the same and publically boycott Pick n Pay until this matter is resolved. Imagine if this happened to you in front of your children. #PicknPay #Pnp #MothersVoice #BoycottPnPLongbeach #PnPmustfall

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Last night our tiny community was in an uproar and absolutely horrified as the news spread about a local mom being arrested and placed in jail for forgetting about her two coffees in her pram as she left Pick n Pay, Longbeach Mall! All this in the presence of her 8 year old AND a baby!!


Now the question to ask is WAS THERE CRIMINAL INTENT!! Surely one can use your professional judgement?

As a parent, I know how distracting it can be when you shop with a child. I know how forgetful you can get when you have the voice of a child nagging in your ears while you try to maintain composure AND your sanity!!

I too have forgotten about items placed in the bottom of a pram while shopping with my son when he was younger. I too have walked out with a child holding onto a…

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