People should be ashamed…

I have now written and rewritten this post a couple of times today, but my anger gets the best of me everytime.

I assume that at least half of you reading this have pets at home and I believe that you see them not as animals but as members of your family, that you will most likely take a bullet for, because that is how I feel about my pets.

My daughter found a puppy on saturday afternoon while sleeping over at a friend in Paarl. My heart broke into a million little pieces when I saw it for the first time and it still breaks everytime I look at her.

We named her Xena, after the warrior princess because she is a survivor.



Just look at these photos. Someone dumped this little baby and walked away. She was starving to death and no one cared.

I obviously took her home instead of taking her to the SPCA because they advised that financially it will cost too much to get her healthy again and if she has any health issues adoption will be difficult so it will be in her best interest to be put down.

I felt like dying right then and there. How can you care more about the bottom line than an animal? Yes I know the good they do etc but dammit it is not ok.

She is such a sweet little thing and already after 24hours of feeding and loving her she follows me around and jumps up and down when she sees me picking up he bowl. I must add she is very tired most of the time and has a bit of a runny tummy, but I am taking her to the vet at 3 this afternoon and pray that there is nothing serious wrong with her because I have no idea how I will be paying the vet bill for today let alone other medical issues.


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7 thoughts on “People should be ashamed…

  1. Good on you for taking her in. We also took in an adult boerbull who was worse off than and she grew beautiful and strong – it only further shreds my heart to think that people could neglect a living being to that point! Its just torturous!

    PS. For future reference, Wet nose and DAWG believe in the right to life,meaning that no dog is ever put down ,no matter how long it takes for them to find a forever home. They are as incredible as these animals that they serve.

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