I have no more babies… and I love it

With the start of the new school year my schedule tends to go from chilled to packed full of activities within minutes. From what the girls are getting up to in extra mural activities to my involvement in all things PTA related.

My little girl finally started her schooling career and in a way I am both happy and sad at the same time. Lorelai loves school and she loves the structure, but this means I no longer have a little baby and she is growing up just too fast for my liking.image

We are now a couple of weeks in and Lorelai is still in love with her school and her teacher and so far I am not as worried/stressed as I was before she started school with my crazy fear of her getting bored and driving her teacher up a wall.

On the other hand Amandalynn started Grade 4, which means she is now in her senior phase of primary school and not long from now she will be heading to High School which means according to The Reluctant mom I should start looking at what High School I want to send her to this year already. She is also writing her very first exams this year and we already started studying for those the second week of school. She has so many new subjects but thankfully my daughter is a little nerd and she loves every moment of it.

There are so many more extra mural activities for her to take part in and besides a couple of hiccups with the way the school runs the activities (lets just say the school lectures us as parents that we need to encourage our children to take part but then in the same breath when the kids show up they are told that this activity is only for the kids who made the team the previous year), so far she is taking part in tennis and drama. I pushed her into taking part in drama to help her with her anxiety and even though I am scared of it blowing up in my face and she gets even more anxious because of it, but for now we are taking the chance. I have discussed this with her and asked her that I want her to try it for at least a term and I explained to her that it will help her with her anxiety and if she really does not like it she can stop.

Last year I was very involved with the PTA at our school from helping with the annual fete and even the schools dance. This year is no different from last, because on 2 Feb we had our first meeting about the fete, but I had to miss it due to have our Voortrekker meeting at the same time. The grade 4 is running the coffee station which is simple enough.

Are you involved with your children’s school? What are you involved in and why?


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2 thoughts on “I have no more babies… and I love it

  1. We always end up involved in school stuff, because we’ve been in and around the school for years. That being said, it will mostly come to an end this year – because our youngest finally leaves junior school, and the involvement of parents once they get to “Year 7” (11 years old) here is much, much less.


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