Parenting is hard, especially if you have a child that suffers from EBD

I need to blog more I have been spending the last couple of weeks thinking of how I will be running the blog in 2016, which meant the first thing I did was download the google keyboard for the speech to text option so that I can not just record my ideas that actually have them in writing so that I can just edit it and it works great. This post was done completely by Google keyboard.

The one thing that has a very close spot to my heart is children and everything that goes into raising them and even more so if you have a child that needs that extra bit of attention or help due to them having ADHD, OCD, etc or even if they suffer from anxiety or anything in that line. I want to do a series on this and not just how this if affecting the child, but also what effect it has on the rest of the family.

My eldest daughter Amandalynn suffers from anxiety and the changes we had to make is so much more than I expected. you can read the start of her story here As I mentioned I suffer from anxiety, which means I have a better understanding of how my daughter feels and because my anxiety was misdiagnosed as a child (my anxiety story here & here) and I grew up not understanding my anxiety and that is the one thing I do not want for her.

I am placing the focus of this year not only on myself as mentioned yesterday, but also on helping my daughter live with her anxiety and giving her the tools to enable her to handle a situation better. I will share her full story and changes we made with all of you soon.


Do you have a child emotional or behavioral disorder? Would you be interested in sharing your story? Please email me at and I will send you my list of question.


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5 thoughts on “Parenting is hard, especially if you have a child that suffers from EBD

  1. Our eldest daughter has suffered for years – we are only just starting to get a handle on it now – she has a “Barnardo’s Buddy” assigned to her (it’s a new program in the UK) – essentially a therapist that she interacts with – that calls her – that she can call any time. I’ve not written anything about it on the blog because she’s old enough that it’s not really my story to tell – I have been tempted to from time to time though…


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