Mommy Behind The Blog | Charlotte Lesli Coetzee Nortje

I was featured on Supeybusymom 2.0… head on over to learn more about me and to give her some love.


What is your name?

Hi my name is Charlotte Lesli Coetzee Nortje. I have 2 surnames because my one daughter is Coetzee and my husband and other daughter is Nortje. I felt I needed to keep my old one when I got married so that my daughter and I still share a name, also she asked me not to change it.


How do you identify yourself?

I wear many hats as most moms do, so when it comes to identifying myself I use the following terms: Christian, wife, mother, dietitian, nurse, chef, event planner, financial manager, musician, reader, writer, personal assistant, home educator, blogger, personal shopper, PTA mom, dog lover, coffee addict and so much more.

How many kids do you have? Ages? Girl? Boy?

I often tell people that I have 4 children. My husband, my daughters and dog. My first born is Amandalynn who just turned 9 in June…

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