Loving Lush as always…

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to the Lush Christmas party held on the front lawn of the Mount Nelson Hotel.

The event was awesome! I got to meet so many new people and made some awesome friendships.

Rox Starr was a new face to the blogging world but she is truly awesome… she even quoted me on Twitter.


I got to test Santa’s Lip Scrub, it left my lips feeling and tasting great, I am not going to explain it all to you, just watch this video.

In the gift bag I got was:

SANTA BABY – Lip Tint which retails for R95.00 / 8g for more information on the product click here

2 - blog

Rocking Santa baby in traffic…

Make sure to check out my Instagram feed for more images on the fun products I got to see and test at the Christmas party.

I also got HOME FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT set which retails for R295.00 / 500g tt is filled with Dream Cream, Old Father Time, Rose Jam 100g.

Lorelai has taken the Old Father Time soap for herself and she loves it. She refuses to share it with any of use and if we climb out of the shower she will smell us to make sure we did not use her stuff.

I took a couple of video’s at the event and they can be viewed here

I just love all things Lush, if you have never tried any of the Lush products do yourself a favor and get some, you will never use anything else ever again.


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