Happy or maybe not so happy Guy Fawkes Day

Today I did not have much to say about anything really, that is until I realised that it is guy fawkes day and became instantly pissed off.

If you follow me on Instagram or really anywhere you will see that I am in love with my dog and she is treated like my third child. She has never ever heard fireworks go off and I am certain she will be shitting herself tonight. Here are a few tips to keep animals calm and fear-free.

  • Make sure that your dog is tagged and micro-chipped in case they get out.
  • Take your dog for a walk/jog tonight when you get home, screw cooking dinner or feeding your human babies, get your furbaby out and exercised so that they will be relaxed and tired for the rest of the evening.
  • You love your fancy carpet, but tonight roll it up, pack away what your dog wants to usually chew on and let them all sleep inside – no matter how HUGE they are. (If you leave them sleeping out side, pitch a tent and join them)
  • Close all you window and blinds – the flashes of light can also scare them.
  • Provided treats and toys to ensure that you furbaby is entertained.
  • If needed speak to your vet about medication to keep anxiety at bay.
  • Turn on music or the television to muffle the sounds coming from outside, but don’t put it too loud. Do this as soon as you get home.
  • If your furbaby tries to climb into your cupboard to hide from the noise, remove your shoes or whatever is in there, provided them with a blanket and leave them – dogs often prefer small enclosed areas.

Harming an animal with fireworks is a criminal offence. Concerned members of the public are urged to report any acts of alleged cruelty to the JSPCA’s 24-hour control centre on 083 604 1172 or 011 681 3600. They can also contact their local police to lodge complaints regarding the illegal use of fireworks.

Now for those of you who do not give a shit about animals… Here are where you can discharge your fireworks and I hope you loose a freaking thumb or toe in the process.


·  Tourism Centre, Athens Road, Table View beachfront

·  Wesfleur sports field, Reygersdal Drive, Atlantis

·  Bishop Lavis sports field, Lavis Drive, Bishop Lavis

·  Metropolitan sports grounds, Melkhout Street, Bonteheuwel

·  Delft Central sports grounds, Main Road, Delft

·  Swartklip sports complex, Swartklip Road, Mitchells Plain

·  Athlone Stadium parking area (eastern side), Klipfontein Road, Athlone

·  Maiden’s Cove parking area, Victoria Road, Camps Bay

·  Strandfontein Pavilion, Strandfontein

·  Sarepta sports complex

·  Blue Downs sports field

·  Macassar Beach parking area, Macassar Road, Macassar

Also, citizens are urged to not use so-called Chinese lanterns. These candle-powered airborne lanterns are not only illegal but also considered a fire hazard. What’s more, the floating lamps resemble that of emergency flairs, which the NSRI is required to investigate and thus is a waste of valuable and expensive resources.

Law enforcement agencies will monitor the aforementioned sites.

To report fireworks that are being illegally discharged, please notify the Metro Police Control Centre on +27 (0) 86 076 5423, or the SAPS Emergency Control Centre on 10111. 

In the event of a fireworks-related emergency, contact the City’s Public Emergency Communication Centre on 107 (or +27 (0) 21 480 7700 from a cellphone). Click here for more.


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