A Healthier Spur Steak Ranch and even something for you…

As a working, active mother of 2 busy children my favourite time of the evening is when my husband calls and says the following beautiful words to me: “Don’t cook lets we are going out for dinner”. Makes me love that man more and more.

What makes me love my children less and less is not that are naughty or anything in that line, but they always want to go to the Spur. It the damn play area, I am sure of it. We cave and go to the Spur because the food and service is good and we get to chat a bit without kids complaining about not having anything to do.

You are probably wondering about the point of all of this right? I’ll start at the beginning..

Natasha ( a fellow blogger) did this post “An Open Letter to South African Restaurants. From our kids” and it broke the internet for weeks, even more than Adele is currently doing… (Or at least in my opinion that is) here is a little bit of what she had to say:

Now we’ve been to a lot of restaurants, especially in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Really, we’ve maybe been to over a hundred different restaurants in the past few years and a few dozen hotels and B n B’s. Out of all these restaurants we’ve noticed maybe ten percent that offer nutritious and healthy meal options for kids. I don’t understand it and over the past year it’s really, really getting to me. When I open a kids menu and all it has is Mac n Cheese, Toasted Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Viennas  & Tomato Sauce or Fish Fingers… I get annoyed. Don’t get me started on deep fried smiley face chips – what is even IN there? The immediate impression that I get of these restaurants is:

They don’t care about kids / my kids

They’re lazy

They have no imagination

They’re cheap – these are all cheap foods

That the chef spends all their time and creativity on the adult menu, but when they get to the kids it’s like “Oh they’re just kids. Give them deep friend chicken nuggets, nobody cares!”

But I care. Spur I’m so sorry to use you as an example here, but you’re my boys’ FAVOURITE restaurant. When the waitress arrives with the colourful, happy kids menu and crayons – my kids associate that with FUN. The play area, the face painters, the jumping castle – the whole experience for them in FUN. Is this really fun though? Is it good for them? The Nutritional Information on this is heartbreaking.” 

Spur heard her cry and decided that they will do something about this and they did. They decided to have more options on their kiddy menu and I got to be apart of the panel who judges those meals. The CEO Pierre van Tonder, was a great speaker and spoke with so much love for his brand and explained the motivation for the proposed menu improvements:

“We take the responsibility for the well-being of the families who eat with us very seriously, from menu ingredients to food preparation to restaurant cleanliness. We have already made several changes in our shift towards an improved healthier menu by offering  ‘better-for-you’ meal options…So at no additional cost, we give our customers the opportunity to improve their food and beverage habits by swapping, for example, chips and potato smileys for ‘better-for-you’ options such as salad or veggies and milk instead of fizzy drinks.”


Group CEO, Pierre Van Tonder, gets some honest feedback from the panellist of young tasters!

Here are some pointers that were mentioned/discussed that morning:

  • 98% of the products on our menu are hormone and MSG-free
  • The proposed new meal options has a minimum of 15% hidden vegetables.
  • They will no longer be ‘upsizing’ any meals or beverages for the younger customers.
  • All Spur’s children’s meals are well researched and developed in collaboration with independent dieticians and nutritionists who work closely with us.
  • Most kids meals do not come with a set side, but rather you can pick your own.
  • You can also swap out your soda fro a healthier milk or water.


Pierre van Tonder concluded the event with the following words:

“We’d like to invite parents, the media and government to work with us in developing ‘better-for-you’ food and beverage choices for children.  The prosperity of any country is dependent upon the well-being of its population and the health of our children is a great place to start building a brighter future.”

Want to know what the winning meals are and what you can look forward to when Spur launched their new Kids Menu due to be launched March 2016?**

  • In third place: CHICKEN FRANK AND MASH

I personally am looking forward to the new menu so that my children can see that all over (not just at home) people care about what they put into their bodies and how important eating health is even when you are out and about that your favourite family restaurant.

The great people over at Spur has gifted me a R400 Spur voucher to given away to one lucky reader but before I tell you what you need to do to win, I first want to tell you how awesome our local Spur was last weekend and how Lorelai was treated like royalty… In short, they let her make her own milkshake in the kitchen, here is a short video of my daughter being to over the moon.

Just another reason why I will keep going back to the Spur over and over again…

Now for your win, just follow all the steps on Rafflecopter and you could be treating your family for a little Spur Staycation… Competition closes on 09 November 2015 and winner will be announced within 48 hours.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

**Launch date of new menu has been updated. Spur wants to ensure that Spur really wants to make sure they give this due diligence.

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23 thoughts on “A Healthier Spur Steak Ranch and even something for you…

  1. I am glad to hear that they have a better kid menu, and looks like I may eat off the kids menu at this rate. Maybe it is just the Spur we go to, but I really do not want to go back there. Spur food is not my favourite by any means, and while I do not expect fancy food, I do expect my chicken not be dry and dead, or limp onion rings. The last time even the ice cream was bad. How on earth do I get the ice cream that was bad. I am not a complainer and did not complain about it, but the waiter wanted to know why I had not eaten it. I hope this is a Spur turning over a better leaf, and it is encouraging to see the respond.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We frequent the Rosebank and Fordsburg Spurs by default, being the only two Halaal ones close to us. Spur is the one place where everyone is happy, kids have somewhere to play and there is something on the menu that all of my fussy family members like. I am so happy to see the healthy options for children, definitely good motivation to be back soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well this good news we are heading in a better direction and picking up healthier habits for kids. Kauai should not be the only healthy option to eat out ❤ well done to spur


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