My kids might not be babies anymore, but when you get an invitation from Clicks for an event you cannot say no…

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the #clicksbabyevent at Four & Twenty Cafe this pretty little cafe in a side street in Wynberg.

It was a smallish event with just two tables of women who I assume are all mothers (some I did not know). I met new people which is always a bonus. In attendance ther was Celeste from My Friend Thinks I’m Supermom Blog, Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House, Zayaan from Surviving the Madness, Hayley Malan from Hayley’s Joys, Radhia fromTreatMeSweetlie, Leigh from The Mom Diaries, Leigh from Red Lips & Darling Adventures, Jules from Heart Mama Blog, Chereen from For the Beauty of It, and those are just the ones listed on Mandy’s blog.

The girls from Magna-Carta, Aloysia and Serena from Clicks really did a great job with this event. I havent been this impressed in ages.

I had no battery power on my and ended up using a printed street map to get there (still surprised that I found it) so I could not take any photos. Mandy on the other hand spent the morning clicking away.

Jaime from Clicks was the only man attending he gave us a brief introduction explaining why we are there and explaining the work that the Helping Hand Trust does. In the end the short reason why we were there was because Clicks is going full-service on the pregnancy, baby and mommy care.

They are exclusively stocking the following products:

  • Made 4 Baby Active Stretch Diapers,
  • The Made 4 Baby Snacking range The moms attending got to taste some of these items in a fun game of taste tester which Cindy won and got this awesome brother max highchair (I had to miss this due to having to go back to work),
  • Made 4 Baby Clothing.
  • Made 4 Mum includes breast pads, stretchmark cream, nipple cream, disposable maternity briefs, breast pads and so much more. Last but not least is the Brothermax range which include but are not limited to
  • Brothermax feeding and weaning products . the Oh So Heavenly range is gentle on the skin and dermatologist approved with the new
  • The Oh So Heavenly Mum and Cherub,
  • The Oh So Heavenly Sweet Dream,
  • The Oh So Heavenly Mum

Thanks so much to Clicks for a great morning

*All the photos I have shared were taken by Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After, my cell was without power that morning. You can read her post here


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