The last couple of weeks have been fun

How was your weekend? Had fun?

I’m doing this weekly wrap up in a sort of #Currently style to better suite what I need to share with you.

Myself: Last couple of weeks have been busy. Besides work and all those other fun things, I attended the Clicks baby event (which I will tell you about soon), went to dinner with some awesome bloggers dinner at Knife, talked and had a blast.

DinnerFrom the left: Tammi from Tazz Discovers, Nikki from Nikki and Nicolas,  Cindy from 3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House, Sharon from Blessed Bareness, Julia, who no longer blogs, Celeste from Reluctant Mom, Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust and I am hiding in the back rocking my geek glasses. [Photo borrowed from Sharon’s Instagram]

I also attended the Lush Christmas party held at the Mount Nelson Hotel and was apart of a very special group of people who got to give their opinions about the new (soon to be launched) Spur Kids Menu.

Weekend wanderings: Saturday Lorelai had a birthday party and I spent the day doing nothing note worthy. On Sunday morning Tara called and we headed out for the day with the kids. Our first stop was at ….. the place wasnt as amazing as everyone says. The kids had nothing to do and the vibe was lacking. We headed to Wild Clover for desert and that was amazing. The kids spent the entire time playing. If you have never been to Wild Clover make the trip, its worth it.

Plotting and planning: Im still in the process of picking a paint colour for my house. So I have different patches on difderent walls. I have also started making a list of everything that needs to be done.

After the Wild Clover outting I decided that Lorelai’s 6th birthday will be held there.

Watching: Most of my series has started again. What I love most is that I cant keep up.

How was your weekend? Do you also feel like Monday’s come to soon? Here is to longer weeeeeekends…


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