The Plan… the Menu Plan that is

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Living from paycheck to paycheck and the response I received was amazing.

I told you that I will share my Menu Plan for this month but I never did as i decided that hours and hours of work goes into working out my menu, my shopping list, checking specials and then putting it all together. Guys it really takes days & hours to be this organised.

This morning I decided that I will share my Menu Plan & shopping list (the version you can actually edit) with 3 readers as I have been talking and talking and no one has actually gotten to see it.

So here is what we are going to do:

Follow me on Twitter & tweet by finishing the following sentence

“I want the monthly Menu plan from @thestilettomum because ……

I will send the plan out on Wednesday next week, with more than enough time for you to edit and plan with “The Plan” before payday.

Important note: 

I am not a dietician. This menu is not based on any kind of meal plan. These are just the meals that my husband and kids like. You receive this Menu as a helping hand to improve your planning for your own family and not as a lifestyle.


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One thought on “The Plan… the Menu Plan that is

  1. You are very kind. I am not half as organised as you but I don’t know that I would be ready to share the meal plans and organisers that I have worked on with someone else 😉


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