Where do you come from?

I always love checking where my visitors come from and at no surprise to any one most of my visitors are from South Africa.

The other 9 are from the following countries:


2. According to a September 2014 poll the top Mom Blog in the United States is: LaDonna DennisMom Blog Society

3. European Union – none found

4. In March this year The MadHouse was ranked the number one Mom Blog in the United Kingdom

5. For Malaysia I could not find a Top Mom Blog list but the first blog that popped into my feed was Seven2SevenMom Blog

6. The Philippines have a very updated list and according to the site this is updated every 3 months (they have their shit down) and the top Mom Blog is Manila Mommy

7. Hong Kong SAR China – none found

8. Australia hasn’t updated their list since June 2014 but Mummy to Twins looks popular. Maybe now with the #DadicsDownUnder Nicki will show them what SA is made of and move to the top of this list.

9. According to Reader’s Digest Annie Urban is the top mom blog in Canada.

and last but not least or nr 10. In Norway I think they are too busy parenting children and bragging about how much your government does for your children to actually blog about parenting, but I did found a post about what it is like to parent in Norway.

I have decided to follow each of these blogs to see what they are all about and give other countries some love.

Are there any blogs that you follow and just love that are not from SA? Please share links in the comments


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