Weekly Wrap UP

How was your weekend? Had fun?


I have done anything really note worthy in the last week.


She is currently looking forward to school holidays. The department of education canceled the National Assesments which means she is a bit bored at school as they dont really have lessons planned for this time.


She attended a birthday party on Friday afternoon with children I have not met. I could clearly see how she fit into the group and sadly I feel that she didnt really fit jn with them. But she likes them so its okay… I think.

Weekend wanderings:

Our weekend was extended as I didnt have to work on friday.

Thursday we went fishing at a place close to home and besides the bugs it is lovely. We are planning to have Hannes’s birthday there this year instead of going away for the weekend. This was followed by a lovely braai at home with my parents.



Friday Hannes had to work and the kids and I got to sleep in. Amandalynn and Lorelai went with my brother to go visit his girlfriend on her farm. They went horse riding and had a ball of a time. He is clearly not a parent because I did not get one photo. We spent the afternoon at her friends birthday party.

Saturday was busier but very chilled. Amandalynn attended a birthday party, I headed off to make my drivers appointment and took my baby to the parlour for a trim.


Sunday we headed to China Town in Parow. Lorelai got a cute pair of heels and I got a lovely summer dress. After about 3 hours we headed to Stodels in Bellville for a milkshake while the kids played.

Perfect slow no plans kind of weekend.

Watching: Most of my fav series are back, I have Scandal, Grey’s, Hawaii and so many more to watch. #notsleeping #PopcornAndRedwine

Looking forward to: December vacations. dreaming about it already.


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