Your child does not tweet but they can still make a difference with Unilever & Wildlands

I previously posted about the amazing initiative I have joined, read here incase you missed it.

You are all caught up now on what i have been up to this month?

Its easy for us a parents to sign a pledge or tweet  #TweetForATree & #BrightFutureSA for Unilever will plant a tree on your behalf but how do we get our children involved who are either too young to go online or who we have restricted online access.

Great news…

Throughout September, Unilever will have been running mall activations in Durban and Johannesburg to raise awareness of climate change. Today and until 26 September they are in Cape Town at Tygervalley Centre in Durbanville with Jo-Ann Strauss leading a 1 minute walkathon for climate change.

After the informative walk you and your children can have your finger print put on a tree and Unilever will see that as a pledge and they will plant a tree on your or your child’s behalf.

My kids and I will be there on Saturday morning as I want them to see the change they need to be apart of in this world.

I look forward to seeing everyone of you there. I will live tweet / facebook / instagram the experience and if you want to come say hi just send me message and we can find each other.


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