Putt-Putt is the perfect way to start any weekend.

On saturday the sun was out and the girls got to wear short sleeves and shorts. We headed out the Tygervalley Golf Village to celebrate the 9th birthday of a friends son. It was a great morning.

The adults and children split up in groups and off we went to play 27 holes of putt-putt.

I kicked ass as usual (don’t listen to a word my husband says because he cheated the last time) and the girls had a blast. It took 3 hours to play all the holes and by the hole 20 I was over it.

After the games and some cake the kids started harassing an elderly man who was just there minding his own business hitting a few balls. Luckily for us he was a kind man and said that the kids can all take turns to try and hit the ball as he is heading out soon and was just trying to finish the balls. I even took a swing, I suck, but I tried.

What I loved is that they had an instructor walking around showing kids how to hold the golf club and then how to hit a ball. They do free assessments and then offer classes for children (or any age), now both my girls want to play golf.


Just a reminder, for the month of September I will be working with Unilever SA on their #brightfuture campaign to


Creating life-giving oxygen, providing shelter and playing a vital part of our ecosystem, trees are undeniably crucial to our existence. Yet, we are losing the forests that are so important to us. It’s time for people of South Africa to come together to help us change this.

How can you help? For every tweet using the hashtags #TweetForATree & #BrightFutureSA Unilever will plant a tree on your behalf. It has never been easier to make a change than this.


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